The Magic Mushroom User's Guide

DM Tripson

“This is the book I would have liked to read before trying magic mushrooms. I would have saved myself many problems and a lot of time.”

How many should I take? How? Where? Mushrooms or truffles? What is the difference? What about Psilacetin? Music? Side effects and contraindications? Where to find them? What about microdosing? These are some of the questions you can find an answer to in this book.

The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide is like three books in one.

The first book is a Quick Guide, a few pages in which you find only essential information, useful not just as an introduction to the topic, but something you can read every time you need a summary of the steps to take and the ones to avoid.

The second book is an in-depth analysis of the Quick Guide in which we delve deeper into this marvellous and magical world, with more useful and interesting information.

The third book  goes further and allows us to discover how the most advanced scientific studies and the most ancient spiritual traditions can come close to each other also thanks to mushrooms. Here you will find a number of original studies about mushrooms, essential for those who want to deepen their understanding of what these magical fruits of the Earth really are.

It is an indispensable text for beginners, also necessary for the more experienced explorers of states of consciousness and being, in fact the author deals extensively with ceremonial practices with mushrooms, both solo and in groups.

"This manual is the perfect choice if you want to meet Sacred Mushrooms; knowledge, respect and trust are the keys for not getting hurt and for getting to know yourself. "

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